My doctoral thesis, Fragmented Truth, was supervised by Timothy Williamson and Volker Halbach. My examiners were Ofra Magidor and Aaron Cotnoir. In my thesis, I examined logical puzzles involving what I call fragmentalism, according to which “true” expresses either distinct concepts or distinct properties.

Chapter 1 proposes an account of logic and semantics that shows how alethic pluralists, who maintain that there are distinct domain-specific truth properties, can answer central conceptual and logical challenges for their view. Chapter 2 motivates and develops a modal account of propositions, according to which there is an inherently potential hierarchy of propositions, to solve the intensional paradoxes. Chapter 3 proposes that “true” is polysemous—between meanings corresponding to the subconcepts of the concept truth generated by the indefinite extensibility of that concept—to solve the semantic paradoxes.